Sunday, January 29, 2017

Friends and Strangers: A 3630 Film Project.

When Ryan Brennecke asked me to join the @3630project and shoot a roll of film I was pretty intimidated by the task. First of all it'd been about 10 years since I had run a roll through a camera. And second, there were only 36 frames, so the mistakes had to be minimal. After a lot of thought I decided I was going to embrace the unknown and the mistakes (One of my favorite frames in the series happened to be the mistake). 

I found my project. 

My goal was to find 18 friends and strangers who inspire me and my work, pushing me to be a better photographer and conservationist. I set out to capture only 2 frames of each subject. One vertical head shot. One horizontal shot of them holding their favorite gear (open to interpretation). 

No redos. Just 2 frames. That's it. Simple. Straight forward. A one month project turned to four.


Brian O'Keefe, Ryan Brennecke, RA Beattie, Steven Yochum, Ryan Buccola, Jake Dodd, Jessie Ball, Marty Sheppard, Russ Scott, Dylan Renton, Mia Sheppard, Todd Moen, Sterling Dillingham, Kyle Schnek, Russell Schnitzer, Scott Cook, Copi Vojta and Bryan Husky

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