Sunday, January 29, 2017

Friends and Strangers: A 3630 Film Project.

When Ryan Brennecke asked me to join the @3630project and shoot a roll of film I was pretty intimidated by the task. First of all it'd been about 10 years since I had run a roll through a camera. And second, there were only 36 frames, so the mistakes had to be minimal. After a lot of thought I decided I was going to embrace the unknown and the mistakes (One of my favorite frames in the series happened to be the mistake). 

I found my project. 

My goal was to find 18 friends and strangers who inspire me and my work, pushing me to be a better photographer and conservationist. I set out to capture only 2 frames of each subject. One vertical head shot. One horizontal shot of them holding their favorite gear (open to interpretation). 

No redos. Just 2 frames. That's it. Simple. Straight forward. A one month project turned to four.


Brian O'Keefe, Ryan Brennecke, RA Beattie, Steven Yochum, Ryan Buccola, Jake Dodd, Jessie Ball, Marty Sheppard, Russ Scott, Dylan Renton, Mia Sheppard, Todd Moen, Sterling Dillingham, Kyle Schnek, Russell Schnitzer, Scott Cook, Copi Vojta and Bryan Husky

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another chapter complete. Another year in the books.

As the final few hours of the 2015 season wind down, I gotta say 2015, you were one of the best yet.  With so many memories captured and undocumented moments remembered It was hard to pick just a few to share.  Fishing new rivers & lakes, making new friends, fixing my website and improving myself were all goals I set this year, I just had no idea that I would overachieve them. 
(I think that was what's known as a humblebrag, sorry..) 

So, 2016 let's step it up a notch. Let's get out of Oregon for more than a week.  Alaska, hey how you doing?  Belize, yeah I'm free.  Idaho, maybe I'll have to skip the Owyhee and come visit this time.
 I'll most likely just start with renewing my license and going to see the new Star Wars, but after that.. Who knows?

Hey! Thank you everyone for your support and friendship this year!
Jake & Jessie 
Bend Fly Guy (Kyle)
All my instagram Brothers and Sisters for the constant inspiration
Jerome (this is all your fault)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Beginning of a Routine.

A month or so ago way back when the conditions were just right.  No ice, no snow, just enough rain to raise the flow, but not enough for a blow out. And most importantly...  No work.  It was the beginning of what I'm hoping will be a routine.  Jessie, Jake and I headed back to our 2nd annual John Day Fall fishing trip.   We went into the trip with a little more confidence and wisdom than the year before and it paid off.    A lot of miles were hiked, a lot of runs were swung and we even caught a delicious bass.  Can't wait for 2016!

Thanks R.L.Winston Rods for the support!

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